Top Kuwaiti Lawmaker Raps Bids To Isolate Sudan
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Kuwaiti National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al­Ghanim on Sunday categorically rejected all attempts to undermine, punish, isolate or unilaterally pressure Sudan. Al­Ghanim made the remark during an Arab parliament sitting held at the Cairo­based Arab League to look into how to lift Sudan from the US list of state sponsors of terrorism.

"We were optimistic when unilateral US sanctions on Sudan, which lasted around a quarter of a century, were lifted a couple of years ago. Also, we were optimistic when it was announced two months ago that US-­Sudanese talks would be held in order to get Sudan out of the US list of state sponsors of terrorism," he said.

In this context, Al­Ghanim stressed by saying: "We want a stable, secure and prosperous Sudan. We should encourage and back every step Sudan takes for reform, development and public welfare."

The Kuwaiti parliament speaker reiterated a principled position towards all policies that target Sudan, recalling that the Kuwaiti parliament had called on Arab MPs to move to exert pressure on the US Congress to end US sanctions on Khartoum.

In late 2017, the efforts had led to an end to the US economic sanctions on Sudan, he said, noting that the US should lift Sudan from its terror list. However, Al­Ghanim called on all Arab countries and their parliaments to seek seriously to help Sudan get out of the US list of state sponsors of terror.

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