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My wife has a valid visa (iqama) until April 2017 and she went to India for delivery. Absenting six months from the country will cause cancellation of her visa and as per the new rule I won’t be able to get a new visa for her … but if she comes and stays here for one day (before six months) is it okay for us proceed with our old visa and can I get the visa for my baby as we both have valid iqamas.

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Answer: If your wife comes back to Kuwait for even one day and renews her residence before completion of the six-month stay abroad she will not face any problems as far as her residence is concerned.

But you might face problems in getting a visa for your baby if you don’t meet the current salary (KD 450) conditions for getting a dependent visa although there are many situations in this regard. First of all, if you meet the salary condition then you will face no problems.

Even if your wife is already on a dependent visa you will not face any problems. But if you don’t meet the salary condition and your wife is on a work permit you might run into some problems as the couple are not allowed to club their salaries. Having said the above, the authorities take a compassionate view of such situations if both the parents are already Kuwait residents.



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