Wanted Egyptian Arrested For Crimes In Egypt
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The Kuwaiti Interpol has arrested an Egyptian who is wanted by his country in connection with criminal cases, reports Al-Rai daily.

According to a security source, the suspected managed to escape from Egypt two years ago and has been staying in the country illegally. He reportedly remained in hiding and did not make an attempt to renew his residence permit for fear of being arrested.

According to a source, the arrest came after the Egyptian authorities included the name of the accused on the wanted list both at home and of Interpol. According to sources, he ventured out of his house only in the afternoons and visited remote cafés in Hawalli when he was certain there would be no security checks.

However, his moves were monitored and when police closed in on him, he made an attempt to escape but was chased and caught. A security source said Interpol deported the wanted person to Egypt under tight security

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