My baby nearly died from a shopping trolley’: Mum warns other parents about putting their kids in trolley
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"My baby nearly died from a shopping trolley’: Mum warns other parents about putting their tots in trolley seats after her 10-month-old son caught a deadly virus"

A MUM is warning fellow parents not to put their tots in shopping trolley seats without wiping them down first after her 10-month-old son contracted a deadly virus.

Vivienne Wardrop, from Australia, described the past few days as "terrifying" after her healthy baby boy, Logan, became dangerously ill and ended up in intensive care for eight days.

Baby Nearly Dies From a Shopping Trolley

Vivienne was horrified when her baby contracted several horrible viruses

Posting on Facebook, she wrote: "Just wanted to warn parents against using baby seats in trolley without wiping down or using a blanket.

"Didn't even think about it just popped him in and did a quick shop.

"I hadn't been anywhere with him in a week so doctors advised only place he could of gotten it."

Vivienne told how the next morning Logan had woken up "so sick".

She whisked him to hospital and he ended up being kept in the intensive care unit for over a week.

baby in hospital because of shopping trolley

Logan had caught an adenovirus, the rotavirus and salmonella poisoning which resulted in him contracting meningitis due to the strain on his body.

Vivienne continued: "(He) ended up with a central line as his veins were collapsing due to severe dehydration.

Becareful of shopping trolleys baby nearly died

"He was in hospital for a total of 10 days and will still take another week or two to fully recover.

"So please be careful I never thought something like this could happen."

Vivienne told Mamamia that watching Logan switch from a "bubbly little baby" to a boy who could "barely respond or open his eyes" was one of the scariest things she has ever experienced.

baby nearly died facebook post

Her Facebook post has gone viral, with 7,139 shares and more than 2,400 reactions.

Horrified parents flocked to comment on Vivienne's ordeal and wish Logan a speedy recovery.

Lilly Wilson-Tang wrote: "Never even thought to wipe before but will always do it now. Hope your baby recovers quickly xx".

Mary Jones added: "OMG!! I hope he's made a full recovery bless him. Thank you so much for sharing this. Im going to share it too."

A 2011 study warned shopping trolleys contain more dirt and grime than the average public toilet.

It concluded 72 per cent of them tested positive for faecal bacteria and half revealed traces of the potentially deadly bug E. coli.

Researchers said the germs often come from people not washing their hands properly after going to the toilet.

Allen Cheng, a specialist in infectious diseases and an epidemiologist based at the Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine at Monash University, was asked by Mamamia what he made of Logan's experience.

He admitted it was hard to comment without knowing the details, but from what was written on the Facebook post he admitted: "It sounds like an odd constellation of diseases to get from a shopping trolley, and I'm not sure it would be easy to exclude other sources of infection."

He played down fears parents should avoid shopping trolleys altogether, but added: "Bacteria and viruses -including some of those mentioned - can certainly be transmitted by contact with objects, and I suppose shopping trolleys are at slightly higher risk because they are coming into contact with your food."

Adenovirus Rotavirus


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Source - The Sun UK

17 Jun, 2019 3 24126
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