Woman Jailed For 46 Years
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Woman jailed for 46 years in prison for torturing her step children

A horrific video from Turkey which shows a woman physically abusing two kids has gone viral.

According to reports by Turkish media, the woman who is a stepmother to the kids had been beating them with a wooden rod for quite some time.

She is seen beating a little boy on the soles of his feet with a wooden rod and at one point appears to cover his mouth, briefly suffocating him.

She is also seen holding the boy's legs and dragging him on the floor continuously.

The incident which happened in Kayseri, Turkey, was recorded after the father of the kids suspected that his children were not being treated well by their step mother. He had seen scars on the children. 

He put some security cameras inside his house and discovered after watching the videos that his wife had been treating the children cruelly in his absence.

Reports say the father went to the police to lodge a complaint after watching the video. The woman was then arrested. She has been sentenced to 46 years in prison.

Watch video below. Warning: Some Viewers may find scenes of the video disturbing.

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