Worker Not Paid For 13 Years - License Rules Violated
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Domestic Labor Department referred a sponsor who refused to pay the salary of his worker for 13 years to the Public Prosecution for necessary legal action. Officers from the Residency Affairs Department arrested a Kuwaiti citizen for running a domestic workers bureau on a license issued for importation of electrical appliances.

Public Relations and Security Media Department of the Interior Ministry stated that inspection sector affiliated to the Residency Affairs Department was notified about a citizen using his import license to bring in domestic workers. Legal measures were taken to arrest the owner of the office, and security operatives recovered a quantity of receipts along with 16 mobile phones during the raid.

In another development, Domestic Labor Department referred the director of a domestic workers bureau to the General Residency Affairs Department for cheating. Investigation revealed the accused is holding a private license registered in the name of a Kuwaiti lady, and he allegedly incited newly recruited domestic workers to run away after completing six months with their sponsors, and then assigned them to work on wages.



28 Sep, 2017 0 794
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