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A Kuwaiti Youth Committed Suicide By Hanging Due To Psychological Problems 17-yearold Kuwaiti youth committed suicide by hanging himself using a “shemagh” (cloth used as head scarf by Arab men especially from the Gulf region) inside his room in Sabah Al-Nasser ar... April 20, 2018 0 253 Category: Crime News
Two Egyptian Gays Arrested For Immoral Acts Personnel from the Criminal Investigations Department have arrested two Egyptians, a driver working for an engineering company, and a security guard for inciting immorality on their Twitter accounts, ... April 20, 2018 0 148 Category: Crime News
Indonesian Housemaid Injured For Attempt To Escape From The Sponsor’s Home An Indonesian housemaid has been admitted to the Jahra Hospital with fractures following a void attempt to escape from the sponsor’s home in Saad Al-Abdullah, reports Al- Qabas daily. The mai... April 20, 2018 0 306 Category: Crime News
110,000 Law Violators Refuse To Benefit From Amnesty The Ministry of Interior has called on the residence law violators to take advantage of the remaining period of the humanitarian initiative of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Kha... April 20, 2018 0 118 Category: Crime News
Children Wrestling Contest Was Stopped By Juvenile Police Upon a complaint filed by lawyer Hussein Al-Abdullah with the Juvenile Prosecution on children engaged in a wrestling competition organized by a sports company, the Attorney-General Counselor Mubarak ... April 20, 2018 0 70 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Citizen Arrested For Making Forgery Documents A Kuwaiti citizen who is wanted by law for enforcement of a judicial verdict that sentenced him in absentia to six-month imprisonment, was arrested for swindling people and committing forgery through ... April 20, 2018 0 141 Category: Crime News
Youth Arrested For Harassing Women In Kuwait An unidentified Kuwaiti youth has been detained at the Khaldiya Police Station for harassing a young compatriot woman, reports Al- Rai daily. The daily added, the youth was arrested after the woman... April 20, 2018 0 113 Category: Crime News
Court Of Appeals On May 22, 2018 ,look Into The Case Of A Kuwaiti Citizen And His Wife The Court of Appeals on May 22, 2018, will look into the case of a Kuwaiti citizen and his wife who was arrested in the Philippines, in addition to four other Kuwaitis and a Syrian, reports Al-Rai dai... April 19, 2018 0 493 Category: Crime News
The Court Of Cassation Upheld Death Against Woman For Murder The Court of Cassation upheld the verdict of the Court of Appeals, which sentenced a Kuwaiti woman to death for killing a fellow compatriot at Sabah Al-Salem after a misunderstanding. The case file in... April 19, 2018 0 73 Category: Crime News
CID Arrested A Bedoun Man Identified As W.A. For Trafficking In Alcohol Acting on information and armed with a warrant issued from the Public Prosecution, officers from the Criminal Investigation Department arrested a Bedoun man identified as W.A. for trafficking in alcoh... April 19, 2018 0 129 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti And Iraqi arrested For Possessing And Consuming Drugs A Kuwaiti citizen in his 30s was arrested along with two girls — a Kuwaiti and an Iraqi — for possessing and consuming drugs in Salwa area. According to security sources, Private Taskforce... April 19, 2018 0 119 Category: Crime News
Bedoun arrested For Attempting To Rob Two Expatriates Police have arrested a bedoun for attempting to rob two expatriates — an Indian and a Pakistani — at knifepoint, reports Al-Anba daily. A security source said when the men shouted for help... April 19, 2018 0 115 Category: Crime News
The Misdemeanor Court Acquitted A Kuwaiti Citizen The Misdemeanor Court acquitted a Kuwaiti citizen who was accused of offending the staff members of a dental clinic via social media. The Public Prosecution charged the citizen with misusing social me... April 18, 2018 0 151 Category: Crime News
Bank Ordered To Pay KD 5,001as Temporary Settlement To A Kuwaiti Citizen The Administration Court ordered a bank to pay KD 5,001 as temporary settlement to a Kuwaiti citizen for failing to list his name in the Family Support Fund. Representing the citizen was Lawyer Abdula... April 18, 2018 0 215 Category: Crime News
Bangladeshi Was Arrested For Selling Farawla Drugs A Bangladeshi expatriate identified as “Jalal” was arrested for selling “Farawla” drug to students of schools in Fahaheel area, reports Al-Seyassah daily. According to secur... April 18, 2018 0 96 Category: Crime News
Woman Has Filed A Complaint On VIP Of Raping Her An unidentified young Kuwaiti woman has filed a complaint with the police accusing a VIP of raping her, reports Annahar daily. The complainant said the VIP invited her to his home, offered her juic... April 18, 2018 0 126 Category: Crime News
An Asian Expatriate Was Arrested For Attempting To Smuggle 22 Kgs Of Hashish An Asian expatriate was arrested for attempting to smuggle 22 kgs of hashish into the country via Abdali border, reports Al-Seyassah daily. Director General of General Administration for Customs Couns... April 18, 2018 0 96 Category: Crime News
Punishment On Those Who Stitch Military Clothes For People Who Do Not Carry Military IDs Ministry of Interior has requested Ministry of Commerce and Industry to tighten its supervision on tailor shops and impose maximum punishment on those who stitch military clothes for people who do not... April 18, 2018 0 80 Category: Crime News
Police Are Looking For An Unidentified Person Police are looking for an unidentified person for assaulting a male bedoun nurse working at the Farwaniya Hospital, reports Al-Rai daily. The suspect was reportedly involved in an argument with the... April 18, 2018 0 82 Category: Crime News
CSRSIR Continuing To Identify Who Have Hidden Their Original Identification Documents The Central System for Remedying the Status of Illegal Residents (CSRSIR) is continuing to identify those who have hidden their original identification documents and continue to claim to be bedoun as ... April 18, 2018 0 88 Category: Crime News