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Death Penalty To Cut Domestic Crimes  There has been a recent increase in the rate of domestic crimes in the country, which are uncommon in the Kuwaiti society, such as parents killing their child and putting the corpse inside a dee... January 04, 2017 0 469 Category: Crime News
154 Bottles Of Local Liquor Seized Kuwait Security men have arrested an Indian man with 154 bottles of local liquor in Maidan Hawally area , he was referred to the concerned authorities.   SOURCE : AYMANMAT ... January 03, 2017 0 1415 Category: Crime News
Filipino Woman Hit By Car And Died At The Spot A Filipino woman has died on spot when she was run over by a speeding vehicle In Kuwait city recently , police are searching for the suspect , a case was registered.   SOURCE : AY... January 03, 2017 0 2315 Category: Crime News
Nepali Arrested For Murdering His Friend A Nepali has been arrested by the police for murdering his friend, reports Al- Rai daily. The daily added, this is the first murder in 2017. The victim was reportedly stabbed several times and the cor... January 03, 2017 0 1259 Category: Crime News
3 Motorists Arrested For Performing Stunts Ahmadi securitymen arrested three motorists for performing stunts with their vehicles on the New Year. Security Chief of Ahmadi Brigadier Abdullah Safah received information about a group of motorists... January 03, 2017 0 524 Category: Crime News
A Bedoun Arrested In Fintas Area For Possessing Illicit Drugs A Bedoun youth was arrested in Fintas area for possessing illicit drugs. A security source said officers on a round of Ahmadi governorate apprehended the Bedoun at a parking lot in Fintas area after t... January 03, 2017 0 709 Category: Crime News
Four Hurt In Quarrel Four Kuwaitis sustained various degrees of injuries during a quarrel in Salmiya area. The fight had resulted from a previous disagreement. A team of paramedics accompanied securitymen to the scene aft... January 03, 2017 0 472 Category: Crime News
Egyptian Expat Arrested For Harassing A Kuwaiti Girl A Kuwaiti woman along with her daughter went to Khaitan Police Station and lodged a complaint against an Egyptian expatriate who works in a shop, accusing him of harassing her. Securitymen arrested hi... January 03, 2017 0 1387 Category: Crime News
A Kuwaiti Girl Hit Eve-teaser On His Head With A Water Bottle Inside Mall A Kuwaiti girl hit an eve-teaser on his head with a water bottle inside a commercial complex in Salmiya area when he stalked her, demanded that she take his mobile number and insulted her when she ref... January 03, 2017 0 1457 Category: Crime News
An Unknown Person Harassing A Kuwaiti Woman A Kuwaiti woman has filed a complaint with the police accusing someone who was following her around a shopping mall in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh, until she reached her car in the car parking lot and forced he... January 03, 2017 0 1148 Category: Crime News
Bedoun Cheats Many Women Via Social Networking Site Snapchat Several ladies lodged complaints with officers at the Criminal Evidences Department and accused a Bedoun youth of cheating after luring them into relationship via social networking site Snapchat. T... January 03, 2017 0 1442 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Court Sentences Parents To Death For Killing Daughter A court in Kuwait on Monday sentenced a couple to death after finding them guilty of torturing their three-year-old daughter until she died, it said in a statement. The parents, both Kuwaitis, were... January 03, 2017 0 938 Category: Crime News
Minor Girl Impregnated By Her Father An unidentified minor girl reportedly gave birth to a baby at a hospital about a month ago. Without going into any details,  the girl was impregnated by her father and the medical staff said the ... January 02, 2017 0 670 Category: Crime News
Security Forces Taken Hold Of Liquor Containers That Were Smuggled From Port by Indian Gang Security forces, in collaboration with Kuwait’s General Administration of Customs (KGAC), have taken hold of two containers laden with liquor bottles that were smuggled from Shuwaikh port on Dec... January 02, 2017 0 685 Category: Crime News
Saudi Security Authorities Have Arrested An Egyptian Cook For Murdering 22-year-old Kuwaiti The Saudi security authorities have arrested an Egyptian cook for murdering and robbing a 22-year-old Kuwaiti while he was camping in the Dabdabah desert in Saudi Arabia. According to security sour... January 02, 2017 0 503 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Arrested For Assaulting A Srilankan Housemaid A Kuwaiti citizen was arrested and detained in Jabriya Police Station for battering and severely assaulting a Sri Lankan housemaid, resulting in injuries and fractures throughout her body. The victim ... January 02, 2017 0 530 Category: Crime News
KD 3 Million Was Spent During New Year Wild Parties About 90 percent of jubilant youths celebrating the New Year consumed alcohol and illicit drugs between dusk and dawn of Jan 1. Knowledgeable sources said thousands of parties were held in the chal... January 02, 2017 0 551 Category: Crime News
Syrian Expat Who Is Wanted By Law Was Arrested A Syrian expatriate who is wanted by law for the payment of a debt worth KD 14,000 was arrested on Second Ring Road. According to security sources, when Capital Securitymen were patrolling Second Ring... January 02, 2017 0 390 Category: Crime News
Municipality Seizes 449 Kg Of Meat Kuwait Municipality launched inspection campaigns to ensure validity of foodstuff with field inspection teams seizing 449 kg of meat.   SOURCE : AYMANMAT ... January 01, 2017 0 2336 Category: Crime News
Court Sentenced 3 Month Imprisonment To Popular Female Fashion Designer The Misdemeanor Court sentenced a popular female fashion designer to three-month imprisonment with hard labor over charges of committing fraud and swindling a Kuwaiti woman, reports Al-Shahed daily. ... December 31, 2016 0 498 Category: Crime News