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Gang Of Arab Nationals Arrested For Entering Kuwait Illegally A gang of Arab nationals that helped people banned from entering Kuwait to cross the borders illegally by hiding them inside a truck was arrested by Residency Affairs Men. The trucker, with the help o... September 27, 2017 2 1406 Category: Crime News
Bedoun Youth And Pakistani Man Were Arrested In Possession Of Hashish A Bedoun youth and a Pakistani man were arrested in Jahra area in possession of hashish. According to security sources, Jahra securitymen were patrolling the area near a commercial complex when they s... September 27, 2017 0 246 Category: Crime News
Want To Resign After Two Years - Hired From Abroad Good day, I have a question. I was hired from my country and brought to Kuwait. I signed a contract for only two years and I am going to complete my contract in the second week of December. I had a be... September 27, 2017 0 374 Category: Legal
Kuwaiti Officer Jailed For Leaking Classified Information On Twitter A Kuwaiti Interior Ministry officer was sentenced to seven days in detention for leaking information. He created a fake twitter account using a pseudonym and started divulging sensitive information... September 26, 2017 0 464 Category: Crime News
Municipality Removed 18 Abandoned Cars In Farwaniya Farwaniya Municipality workers carried out campaigns in Farwaniya and Jleeb shoyoukh which resulted in the removal of 18 abandoned cars in Farwaniya. Also, a ton of furniture and electric equipment we... September 26, 2017 0 309 Category: Crime News
USA Has Set 3 Conditions For Kuwait To Open A Pre-clearance Facility The United States of America has set three conditions for Kuwait to open a pre-clearance facility for entry to the United States from the Kuwait International Airport, reports Al- Qabas daily quoting ... September 26, 2017 0 397 Category: Kuwait
MOH Formed Comtee To Investigate The Truth About Doctors Who Allegedly Graduated From Arts Section Minister of Health Dr Jamal Al-Harbi has formed a committee to investigate the truth about doctors who allegedly graduated from the Arts section in secondary stage, reports Annahar daily. In a stat... September 26, 2017 0 347 Category: Kuwait
MP Has Forwarded Questions To MOSAL Over Kaifan Co-op Board Dissolution MP Waleed Al-Tabtabaei has forwarded questions to Minister of Social Affairs and Labor and State Minister for Economic Affairs Hind Al-Sabeeh about Ministerial Resolution No. 32/T/2017 on the dissolut... September 26, 2017 0 343 Category: Kuwait
Ruling On The Appeal Filed Against The Government's Decision To Increase The Fuel Prices The Court of Cessation Monday decided to adjourn to next Thursday the ruling on the appeal filed against the government’s decision to increase the fuel prices. Earlier, the Court of Appeals had ... September 26, 2017 0 328 Category: Kuwait
No Contagious Viruses Transmitted Through Fingerprinting Devices - MoH Ministry of Health has denied the reports concerning the possibility of transmission of several contagious viruses such as Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C viruses, and even Acquired Immune Deficiency Synd... September 26, 2017 0 307 Category: Kuwait
Filipina Married To Pakistani - Children In Pakistan Want To Bring Them Back I need your advise. I am Filipina, married to a Pakistani man and our children are in Pakistan. They were born here but for some reason we have decided to keep them in Pakistan. Now we want to bring t... September 26, 2017 0 778 Category: Legal
Net Friend Blackmails Woman A man demanded a Kuwaiti woman to give him money and threatened to spread her personal photographs on social media if she failed to do so. According to security sources, the woman lodged a complaint a... September 26, 2017 0 427 Category: Crime News
A Young Girl Not More Than 20-years-old Was Reported As Missing A young girl not more than 20-years-old was reported as missing, she left her family house to spend time with a friend but did not return and had also switched off her mobile phone, reports Al-Rai dai... September 26, 2017 0 307 Category: Crime News
Female MOI Employee Caught By Some Of Her Colleagues Because Of Her Illegal Actions An employee of one of the sectors of Ministry of Interior never imagined that she would one day be caught by some of her colleagues because of her illegal actions, but her luck ran out at one of the c... September 26, 2017 0 1014 Category: Crime News
Iranian Expat Evading Ten Years Imprisonment In Drug Related Case An Iranian expatriate evading ten years imprisonment verdict for drug-related offense was apprehended by Failaka security men when he tried to escape to his home country via sea. Initial investigation... September 26, 2017 0 304 Category: Crime News
Number Of Residency Law Violators Arrested In Massive Raids Officers from the Public Security sector, based on direct orders from the Acting Assistant Undersecretary for Public Security Affairs Major General Ibrahim Al- Tarrah, launched a wide campaign in all ... September 26, 2017 0 292 Category: Crime News
Anti-Corruption Authority Refers 6 Officials To Public Prosecution Kuwait Anti-corruption Authority (KANCOR) announced on Monday that six officials have been referred to the Public Prosecution for not submitting their financial disclosures on the dates provided by th... September 25, 2017 0 301 Category: Kuwait
Real Estate Activity Remained Relatively Stable In August A National Bank of Kuwait report unveiled on Monday that real estate activity remained relatively stable in August, saying that seasonality pulled the monthly sales figure down slightly to KD 154.5 mi... September 25, 2017 0 288 Category: Kuwait
MPs Seeking Changes In Social Insurance Law, Especially The Clauses Related To Retirement Age A number of MPs are on the verge of presenting a request to the National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim to prioritize the report No. 15 of the financial committee for amending some clauses in the ... September 25, 2017 0 363 Category: Kuwait
Strict Measures Are Taken By Kuwait To Tighten Control Over The Flow Of Expats And Fight Visa Traders The issue of demographics has to be tackled with patience and careful planning, reports Al-Rai daily quoting concerned government sources. The source added addressing the imbalance will be done throug... September 25, 2017 0 912 Category: Kuwait