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Magical Festive Celebration At Marriott Hotels In Kuwait The tree, the glittering decor, the fun and festive ambience all combine to make Marriott Hotels in Kuwait the perfect venues to celebrate the Christmas and New Year in style. The festivities begin... December 17, 2017 0 493 Category: Kuwait
Jet Airways Begins Countdown To 2018 With A 48-hour, End Of Year Sale Jet Airways, India’s full-service, premier international airline, begins the countdown to 2018 by announcing a special, 48-hour limited period offer launching today. Guests making bookings du... December 17, 2017 0 1271 Category: India
Lawmakers Intensified Efforts To Tackle Items Which Were Left Pending Due To Resignation Of Previous Gvnmnt The lawmakers have intensified their efforts to tackle items in the parliamentary agenda which were left pending due to the resignation of the previous government, reports Al-Anba daily quoting a parl... December 17, 2017 0 493 Category: Kuwait
MP Saleh Ashour Described The Formation Of Cabinet As Massacre MP Saleh Ashour described the recent formation of the Cabinet as “massacre”, reports Al-Shahed daily. During an interview in Al- Shahed satellite TV channel, he explained that eight of the... December 17, 2017 0 345 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Metro Project Will Cost A Total Sum Of KD 3.460 Billion Official data posted on the official website of “New Kuwait”, affiliated to the Secretariat General for the Supreme Council for Planning and Development, revealed that Kuwait metro project... December 17, 2017 0 3622 Category: Kuwait
MOI Has Enlisted The Names Of Dual Nationalities And Placed Them On Alert List The Ministry of Interior has enlisted the names of those who hold dual nationalities and placed them on what the government calls ‘alert’ list, reports Al-Shahed daily. The Assistant Un... December 17, 2017 0 316 Category: Kuwait
Mixed Reactions From MPs To Female Conscription In Military Service There were mixed reactions from several MPs when the First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defence Sheikh Nasser Al-Sabah during a reception held in his honor on his appointment as minister disclos... December 17, 2017 0 402 Category: Kuwait
72 Percent Of The Expatriates Are Marginal Laborers - Gvnt College of Social Sciences in Kuwait University organized a forum on demographics recently. During the forum, Professor of Political Science and Supervisor of the political team Dr Hayla Al-Mukaimi... December 17, 2017 0 412 Category: Kuwait
Two Kuwaiti Citizens Were Arrested For Consuming Drugs Two Kuwaiti citizens were arrested for consuming drugs and sleeping in their car in front of a restaurant in Ardiya Industrial Area. According to security sources, when the Operations Room of Ministry... December 17, 2017 0 388 Category: Crime News
Syrian Truck Driver Was Arrested For Attempting To Smuggle Narcotic Pills A Syrian truck driver was arrested at Abdali border checkpoint for attempting to smuggle narcotic pills. According to security sources, Abdali border customs officers were checking the trucks that had... December 17, 2017 0 395 Category: Crime News
GCC National Was Arrested In Possession Of Chemical Drugs In Jahra Area A GCC national was arrested in possession of “Chemical” drugs in Jahra area. According to security sources, Jahra securitymen were at a security checkpoint when they suspected a vehicle an... December 17, 2017 0 432 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Man Wanted For Drug-related Offense A Kuwaiti man wanted for drug-related offense fell victim to his own trick after switching off his car lights at night to evade the police, and he was busted. A security source said the citizen arouse... December 17, 2017 0 227 Category: Crime News
Reckless Driving On Highways Has Increased Due To Absence Of Patrolling Officers Reckless driving on the highways has increased lately due to absence of patrolling officers. Bloggers circulated a video clip on social media in which a pickup driver can be seen driving carelessly on... December 17, 2017 0 490 Category: Driving License
MOH Has Revealed 30 Cases Of Child Abuse,Physical Assaults,Emotional Deprivation,Neglect Cases Reported During 2016 A member of the Rights of the Child Office at the Ministry of Health Dr Dana Al- Haqqan, has revealed 30 cases of child abuse and 144 physical assaults, 15 cases of emotional deprivation and 102 negle... December 17, 2017 0 563 Category: Crime News
Jordanian Woman Was Held At Airport A Jordanian woman was prevented from leaving for her home country because of a fight she had with a Kuwaiti woman, reports Al-Rai daily. Security authorities at the Kuwait International Airport preven... December 17, 2017 0 448 Category: Crime News
Judge Ordered The Detention Of Chairman Of Kuwait And Gulf Link Transport Company The Sentences Renewal Judge has ordered the continued detention of the chairman of the Kuwait and Gulf Link Transport Company (KGL Investment) Said Dashti and his Russian deputy Marsha Lazareva for tw... December 17, 2017 0 672 Category: Crime News
Judge Ordered The Extension Of Detention Of Kuwaiti Citizen Who Assaulted An Egyptian Expat The Detention Renewal judge yesterday ordered the extension of the detention of a Kuwaiti citizen, who assaulted an Egyptian expatriate Wahid Rifai inside a motorcycle shop in Shuwaikh Industrial Area... December 17, 2017 0 385 Category: Crime News
Hawally Police Have Arrested A Kuwaiti For Consuming Drugs And Harassing Women The Hawally police have arrested a Kuwaiti for consuming drugs and harassing women in the parking lot of the Jabriya Cooperative Society, reports Al-Rai daily. The suspect reportedly went to the car a... December 17, 2017 0 434 Category: Crime News
Three People Were Arrested For Consuming Illicit Drugs By Farwaniya Securitymen Three people who stopped their car in the middle of the road to consume illicit drugs were arrested by Farwaniya securitymen. A sachet of illicit drugs was seized from their possession before referrin... December 17, 2017 0 340 Category: Crime News
European Woman Arrested For Entering The Country On A New Passport Personnel from the Residence Affairs Investigations Department have arrested a European woman of Arab origin for entering the country on a new passport because she had been deported and an entry ban w... December 17, 2017 0 482 Category: Crime News