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Kuwait Sinks In Broad Decline, Volume Soars Kuwait stock index dipped below the 5000 pts mark after charting a sluggish course in the previous week. The All Shares Index slid 73.27 points to a broad decline to 4992.54 pts led by heavyweights... October 15, 2018 1 131 Category: Business
Kuwait Can Be An Attractive Touristic Destination Assistant Undersecretary for Tourism Affairs at Ministry of Information Yousef Mustafa says the ministry has placed tourism as its top priority because it strongly believes that Kuwait can be an attra... October 15, 2018 1 103 Category: Kuwait
Bangladeshi Zubaidi Sold As Pakistani Zubaidi In Kuwait Fish Market How has the Bangladeshi zubaidi fish invaded the Kuwaiti markets? This question was answered by an informed source at the fish market in Sharq who confirmed the existence of cases of commercial fraud ... October 15, 2018 1 306 Category: Kuwait
MEW Collects KD 160m Dues Until Sept – KD 320m Collection Eyed Acting Assistant Undersecretary for Consumer Affairs in the Ministry of Electricity and Water Dr Masha’an Al-Otaibi has announced that the Consumer Affairs Sector collected dues amounting to KD ... October 15, 2018 0 289 Category: Kuwait
Govt’s Decision To Reinstate Kuwaiti Citizenship Is Intimidating The government’s decision to reinstate the Kuwaiti citizenship of those suspected of destabilizing national security is intimidating. It is like a silly play which justifies a vote of no coopera... October 15, 2018 1 161 Category: Kuwait
Probe Panel Completes Its Report – Issues Tied To Grilling Of Al Rasheedi The committee formed by the Cabinet to probe into issues included in the interpellation of Minister of Oil, Electricity and Water Bakheet Al- Rasheedi has completed its report on these issues, reports... October 15, 2018 0 136 Category: Kuwait
Ban Pen-knives On Sale In Several Stationery Shops The guardians of a number of students cautioned about the availability of a knife in the form of a pen in several stationery shops in Kuwait, reports Al-Qabas daily. They urged Consumer Protection Sec... October 15, 2018 1 226 Category: Crime News
New Real Estate Fraud Surfaces In Gulf A new real estate fraud case has surface and the number of victims is believed to be 1,000 from various Gulf countries who are said to have paid a whopping sum of $180 million to buy property in Europ... October 15, 2018 1 153 Category: Crime News
Mother Acts As Shield To Protect Baby From Hailstorm, Pic Viral A mother has been left covered in cuts and bruises after trying to protect her baby daughter when the pair were caught up in a dangerous supercell tornado. The massive storm roared through southeas... October 15, 2018 1 377 Category: International