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New Department Established To Follow Up The Case Of License Suspensions Traffic department established a special department called the “security supervision department” and appointed several officers to follow up the case of license suspensions.  The ... April 22, 2019 1 170 Category: Driving License
Lawyer Filed Case Against Increase In Hospital Fee For Expats Lawyer Abdellatif Fahd Al-Ameer presented a petition against ministerial decision 127/2019 to increase fees for expats who visit hospital emergency departments. According to Kuwait Times newspaper ... April 22, 2019 0 117 Category: Health
Driving License For Executive Secretary 1) I am an Indian on Article # 18 residing in Kuwait for more than 5 years and looking to apply for a driving license. My salary is KD 440 on Izn Amal. Designation: Executive Secretary.  2) My I... April 22, 2019