Awadh Doukhi Musical Show
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26th Dec from 08:00 PM - 10:00 PM

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SJAS Concert, Kuwait City, Capital Governorate,Kuwait

Awadh Doukhi belongs to the veteran generation that experienced old Kuwait with all its great artistic forces and distinctive arts, as well as the modern generation of Kuwait, that started with its independence in 1961. For that, Doukhi was one of the most prominent of his generation to be aware and connected to old Kuwaiti heritage, singing in different musical genres such as Bahry (Sea Songs), Sowt, Samry, and Khammary. His passion for the music of Umm Kalthoum and contemporary Arabic music drove him to establish a new genre in Kuwaiti music; one that fuses traditional Kuwaiti music with Egyptian influences creating a distinct kind of music that was uniquely Kuwaiti.

The songs of Awadh Doukhi reflect the social and artistic changes that have taken place in Kuwait throughout his lifetime. Therefore, the performance held at Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center is a celebration of different colors of singing that engulf Kuwaiti culture, a culture that is very well expressed by the authenticity and innovation that was evident in Awadh’s music.

Dress code is Smart Casual. No sports clothes are allowed. No photography is allowed during the event.

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