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Transferring Both Parents Visit Visa To Dependent Visa Can you please confirm if we can transfer parents coming on visit visa to dependent visa. My parents are on visit visa sponsored by my wife (She is working in MOH as a Staff Nurse). Can we change the ... November 19, 2019 1 4198 Category: Dependent Visa
Documents And Procedure To Convert Visit Visa To Dependent Visa I am an Indian and came to Kuwait on visit visa. According to new rules I want to convert it into dependent visa as my husband is working here. Whom should I approach for the process to start. My visi... November 14, 2019 1 1487 Category: Dependent Visa
Converting Visit Visa To Dependent Visa I came to Kuwait on a visit visa to join my husband. At the time of coming, I knew that he was sick. When I reached here he was diagnosed with lung cancer and he wants to take his treatment in Kuwait.... November 04, 2019 1 3473 Category: Dependent Visa
Minimum Salary To Sponsor Dependent Visa Please, I would like to know what is the minimum salary for dependent family visa. My wife is pregnant and she will give birth in May 2020. I would like to know if my salary of KD 250 is enough for me... October 25, 2019 3 24976 Category: Dependent Visa
No More Dependent Visa ( Visa 22) for Expats Parents The General Department of Residence Affairs has issued a decision according to which the children can no longer sponsor their parents to reside in the country but they can sponsor them for visit, repo... October 21, 2019 0 2536 Category: Dependent Visa
Dependent Visa Will Not Be Granted To Children Of Sponsors If They Are Above 12 Years The General Department of Residence Affairs is said to have issued a new decision for dependent visa for expatriates, reports Al-Jarida quoting reliable sources. One of the clauses says dependent v... August 28, 2019 0 6107 Category: Dependent Visa
Bringing Second Wife On Dependent Visa I’m holding a Visa 18 and I have my children with me here in Kuwait, my wife is also on a Visa 18 (not dependent) with a different sponsor. Is it possible for me to bring my second wife with a d... August 19, 2019 1 1341 Category: Dependent Visa
Processing Fees For Dependent Visa My husband’s basic salary is KD 620 can he sponsor me and our 7-month-old baby on dependent visa? And how much is the processing fee and time for the visa? Name withheld Answer: Yes, your ... July 22, 2019 1 6566 Category: Dependent Visa
Formalities And Documents Needed To Apply For Dependent Visa I am from India, currently in Kuwait with a monthly salary of KD1,000. I want to bring my wife and two kids (15 months old) on dependent visa. Please advise the formalities and documents required f... June 03, 2019 0 1659 Category: Dependent Visa
Combined Salaries Not Accepted To Sponsor Child On Dependent Visa My husband and I are working here in Kuwait on visa 18. My salary is KD 500 and my husband salary is KD 250 our combined salary is 750 KD. I have read in Kuwait visa information site the we can sponso... May 07, 2019 0 1374 Category: Dependent Visa