Eighth Meeting Of Members Of The United Arab Index
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20th Nov from 08:00 AM - 02:00 PM
22nd Nov from 08:00 AM - 02:00 PM

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National Library of Kuwait Al Maarri St , Kuwait City, Capital Governorate,Kuwait

The eighth meeting of the members of the Unified Arab Index 

«towards efficient access to information for the development of sustainable success» 
20 - November 22 2017 

Aware of the Unified Arab Index and the National Library of Kuwait theimportance of the Arab libraries in achieving the goals of the Sustainable Development Plan) SDGS) SUSTAINABLE SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT GOAL, 
held The eighth meeting of the members of the index under the slogan «Towards effective access to information for sustainable development successful» to contribute to building visions and strengthen the efforts that enable member libraries to carry out in order to achieve the objectives of the sustainable development plan in their countries. Sustainable development refers to the overall change and development of the individual and society in all social, cultural and economic spheres, making knowledge an essential component of all development and development plans. In this Libraries, in all their forms and types, have many functions to serve the objectives of sustainable development plans: information services, support for education programs, support for scientific research, self-development programs, access to knowledge, training, cultural services and entertainment programs.The information industry is the cornerstone of this knowledge movement as a tool for all groups of society - individuals and institutions - to obtain the documented information that serves to create a knowledge society. The Unified Arab Index is a common knowledge service platform, and at the forefront of these services is the unified Arabic digital library, an important tool in the Arab knowledge industry. The pioneering role that libraries can play in light of the economic downturn affecting the region is strengthened. The Arab Union and its members can actively contribute to supporting the programs of sustainable development plans and activities in the region, which will positively affect their economic conditions and enhance the role of Arab libraries and information centers. Achieve. Providing a unified Arab index platform for integrative and collaborative programs for members will help achieve these goals and reduce their cost and time to achieve them.

Objectives of the meeting: 
1. Identify the role of libraries in the success of the sustainable development process. 
2. Inform members of the new catalog in the framework of implementing the second phase plan. 
3. Urge members to renew subscriptions and to seek the use of added services. 
4. Define international organizations as the leading role of the index and provide it as an effective partner to motivate Arab libraries to engage in the adoption of the objectives of sustainable development. 

Topics of the meeting: 
1. International, regional and Arab experiences in activating the role of libraries in the field of sustainable development. 
2. Arab national libraries and contribute to achieving the goals of sustainable development. 
3. Contributions of the Unified Arab Index in the field of sustainable development. 
4. Experiences of member libraries in the field of sustainable development. 

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See the topics of the meeting and its objectives, correspondence and courses held on its margins through the following link: />aruca /MeetingInformation.aspx

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