Players Needs Of Saturated And Unsaturated
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30th Oct from 07:00 PM - 08:00 PM

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KUWAIT RESORT SAHARA - 6RR , Sabhan , Kuwait, Kuwait City, Capital Governorate,Kuwait

Hierarchy of Needs or Maslow included needs or Maslow's hierarchy is the theory of psychological developed world, Abraham Maslow, discussed this theory the order of human needs; and summed up this theory in the following steps: Human feel Baanaaj certain things, and this requirement affects his behavior, Valhajat unsaturated cause tension among individual It seeks to search for satisfying these needs. Ranging needs in the pyramid starts with the basic necessary for the survival of the individual needs and then ranging in him reflects how important needs. Unmet needs for long periods may lead to severe frustration and tension may cause psychological pain, and leads to many of the defensive tricks that represent the reactions of the individual tries from which to protect himself from this frustration.


Ranging needs according to their importance in a pyramid shape, and this pyramid consists of: physiological needs. Safety needs of the social needs of the need to assess the need for self-realization

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