The Preparation Of A Professional Coach
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Introduction Introduction specialist and OK program for each quality standards in the world of training and includes all branches and complementary approaches you and help you to practice training and guidance in the current specialty and professional training additional public and technical, administrative and development. The certificates provided range covers all programs belonging to the Personal Trainer Specialist Our program was prepared after the collection of the largest collection of global programs for professional training.


Will be subject to personal training and development of yourself and your willingness to professional training and with the help of curriculum development Alzkaiah capacity for reflection and personal, and working with the router you coach for the duration of 75 hours straight on the development of performance and charisma of your personality, and follow the coach in 75 hours is a program in the volume is the method the first of its kind in the nation Arab because it contains capabilities - intelligence -onamat personal standards - psychological measurements - motivational tests - motivational programs intelligences, according to international standards and tests developmental prepared academically and help measurements at raising the level of your intellectual and mental and personality.


It means the start and specialized institutes across multiple channels in the development of training, consulting and start development projects and studies. Khodk after exercise training program and meet the fans and the types of training and with the help of an elite training experts and their guidance you Amthank during the training phase after the program. The program facilitates the connection points of several training and prepare personal and professional history Engineering professional setting for specialty training. We offer in our program Success Secrets months trainers in the Arab region and personal study from a group of outstanding skills in the most demanding in the Arab world figures trainers.


Testicle program Properties of the program that most coach preparation programs are interested in the training techniques of the coach was not interested in the reality and conditions of the coach and we offer in our program for the first time psychological support support and consulting for you to determine your direction training to some extent you arrive at settling on your specialty you find suitable for you. And continue to follow the setup of your personality and personal consulting through channels to reach the strategy approved by the training for your future. The program is continuing , through professional training in the yard until it reaches the full participation in the specialty chosen in Albornamj.aksam training


Program Objectives Program Goals


Personal preparation to be a professional training, public and professional leadership and speaking.


Preparation skills to provide professional identity and the level of competition by experienced trainers.


Qualification Profile to engage in the future of the immediate training in both institutional and private and social sectors.


Psychological development of your character and get rid of internal Giwdk yourself in physical and functional Giwdk and overcome and the immediate start in professional training.


Get the possibility of estimating the training direction Profile


Messaging planning for your future training immediately and begin implementation steps


The field study of realism to the needs of training and sectors targeted and would like to work through it.


Design goals and professionalism in the practice of direct action're an expert in your goals and training programs.


Training to meet the training needs of the target market.


Training needs assessment target in the training program training classes.


Training on the design and preparation of training packages in a scientific manner and effectively applied on the basis of approved training program, including the objectives and helps to ensure the success of your program design.

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