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Kuwaiti Laws Regarding The Immigration, Labor And The Country Penal Code Category: Legal
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I am doing research on Kuwaiti laws regarding the immigration, labor and the country’s penal code. In this regard, I am wondering where I can get books or sources on those issues or are there some links.

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Answer: It’s very easy these days to get any information, especially with the Internet services doing wonders. If you are just interested in getting a soft copy, then just search on Google for Kuwait immigration, Kuwait Labor Law or Kuwait Penal Code and you will get scores of sites, including a number of the Arab Times pages, supplying information on the above subjects.

To get hard copies, you have to visit one of the many major translation offices in Kuwait City. Some of these translation offices have done a wonderful job in translating the original Arabic text into English.

You can also visit some of the major book stores in Kuwait City, with the biggest one located in the basement of the Al Muthanna Complex, opposite to the JW Marriott Hotel.

Source - Arab Times
Note - All the answers were provided by Arab Times Legal Clinic.

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