6 Months Of Exiting Kuwait And Not Returning
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I went on vacation in November 2017, due to some family problems I couldn’t return to Kuwait. I have my visa valid till September 2018. What will happen to my current visa, whether I’ll get banned from entering Kuwait. Kindly reply to me.

Name withheld

Answer: If after six months of exiting Kuwait and not returning, your residence permit will be automatically cancelled thus making it not possible to return to Kuwait even though your residence permit would not have expired by then. The laws of Kuwait do not make it possible for non-Kuwaitis to stay outside the country for a period exceeding six months without prior permission granted by the concerned authorities. In order not to face problems in future if you want to return to Kuwait, we advise that since you still have about two months left for your residence permit to automatically expire, you return to the country and formally have it cancelled.



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