7 Years Imprisonment For DAESH Cleric
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 The Court of Cassation upheld the verdicts issued by the Court of Appeals and the Court of First Instance which sentenced a cleric to seven-year imprisonment with hard labor for inviting people to join DAESH, violating the state laws, possessing an unlicensed weapon and holding a fake Iraqi passport. According to the case file, investigations conducted by the in-charge officer revealed the suspect was in possession of an unlicensed gun and ammunitions. The officer then obtained a warrant from Public Prosecution to arrest the suspect, and arrested him on the same day. However, when he searched the house, he did not find any weapons or ammunitions but instead found posters and stickers with the sign of DAESH. He was referred to the concerned authorities. The officer explained that the suspect had obtained a fake Iraqi passport in 2008 in order to easily enter Iraq and Syria. He possessed an unlicensed weapon, and recognized Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi as a Caliph. He went back to Kuwait in 2010 with the hope that an amnesty was issued for him in the case filed against him for the murder of one of his relatives. However, he was arrested and referred to the Sentences Enforcement Department. He stayed in prison from 2010 to 2014 but in the jail, he used to encourage other inmates to join DAESH in Iraq and Syria



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