Bad Weather Was The Reason Behind The Sinking Of The Ship
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According to the Marine Operations Department at Shuaiba Port, bad weather was the reason behind the sinking of the ship “C Carrier” and the boat “Rabe’e 10”, reports Al-Seyassah daily. In a press statement, the department explained that a call for help was received from “Rabe’e 10” boat last Sunday at 11:00 pm requesting for permission to enter the port due to the bad weather and strong winds of speed 60 kms per hour.

The control tower had received the call and immediately asked for the approval of the director of Marine Operations Department.

The latter approved and the crew members were rescued from drowning. Also, the “C Carrier” ship was near the oil platform of the port and both the boat and the ship had entered platform 4 of the port. At 8:00 am, the captain of Rabe’e 10 boat called the control tower to request help as “C Carrier” ship was sinking.

The department called agent Abdulrahman Al-Bahr and told him to start taking relevant actions. Divers and firemen were called to bring the pumps to remove the water from the ship. However, they revealed that the water could not be removed because the ship is sunk from the front right side. All crew members from the ship were rescued. The divers are working on fixing the hole at the bottom of the ship so that it can be operational again and leave the port safely.



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