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Salary On Work Permit Is Creating Issue For Dependent Visa I’m working in a company as a structural supervisor in Kuwait from April 14, 2016. As per my contract (1 year) my monthly salary is KD 515 (10 hours) but on my work permit it has been mentioned ... November 29, 2016 0 1353 Category: Dependent Visa
Dependent Visa - Renewal And New Applicants For Salary Below 450 KD My visa will be changed in December and the work permit shows a basic salary of 250. Actually I am an engineer but in the work permit they won’t show it. Can I apply for a dependent visa for my ... November 26, 2016 1 9474 Category: Dependent Visa
Renewal Of Residence For Dependent Visa Salary Below KD 450 There is a new law now that for a dependent visa the salary should be KD 450. Now my question is how about those who already have a visa from before the announcement of the decision … my salary... November 20, 2016 0 1015 Category: Dependent Visa
Dependent Visa For A Baby Outside Kuwait, Wife On Dependent Visa If a baby was born here in Kuwait, the parents took the child to their own country for a year and have now decided to bring back the baby to Kuwait how much should be the salary of the parents? Nam... November 18, 2016 0 2074 Category: Dependent Visa
New Born Baby In Kuwait And Salary Cap For Dependent Visa I have a question about the new rules? How do these affect a new born baby? Is there a minimum salary? Even if we are both here in Kuwait? Name withheld Answer: If your wife is already on a depe... November 13, 2016 0 3145 Category: Dependent Visa
Dependent Visa Earning Less Then 450 KD Since 2012 I have been working as an engineer in Kuwait. Now I am trying to bring my family here. Recently I read the news that expatriates need a minimum KD 450 salary on their work permit to get a d... November 09, 2016 0 2737 Category: Dependent Visa
Dependent Visa For Newborn I want to bring my wife and newborn baby to Kuwait. But my salary is KD 200. Is it possible to get the visas with the same salary … Because my Kuwaiti (sponsor) has promised to get me the visas... October 27, 2016 0 2689 Category: Dependent Visa
Dependent Visa For 3 Year Old Son I am an Indian woman working in the Ministry of Health, Kuwait (Residence Article 17). My salary is KD 735 but currently my 3-year-old son is in my home country. My husband is also working in Kuwait (... October 14, 2016 0 2035 Category: Dependent Visa
Converting Of Visit Visa To Dependent Visa My wife’s dependent visa application has been rejected and I have been issued a visit visa for 3 months. The reason is the 1 month less validity of the Passport (it is valid for 23 months) and w... October 13, 2016 0 2151 Category: Dependent Visa
MOI Increased Salary Requirement Of Dependent Visa The Minimum salary required for applying a dependent visa is 450 KD , Previously it was 250 KD ... October 12, 2016 1 14197 Category: Dependent Visa