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Transferring Project Visa 18 To Public Sector Visa 17 I have been working in Kuwait for last one year. My visa is No. 18 project visa. I got an offer to change to No. 17 visa. Is it possible to change to No. 17 visa if my sponsor is refusing it? Name ... August 03, 2018 0 348 Category: Project Visa
Transfer Of Project Visa To Private Visa This is to inform you that my visa is 18 transferable visa. I got release from my current company. But now I got a good offer from another company. The company visa is project visa. My question is aft... July 18, 2018 0 1194 Category: Project Visa
Transfer Of Project Visa – Came To Kuwait On Visa 18, Now On Project Visa Dear sir, I am working in one company; it’s projects visa, but I came to Kuwait on Visa 18 restaurant job, can I change again to Visa 18, please let me know. Thank you. Name withheld Answe... June 09, 2018 1 4427 Category: Project Visa
Project Visa Transfer – Company Refusing To Give Release I came to Kuwait in January 2013 on a project visa (5 year project). Now I have completed more than 4 years in this project. I am a bachelor degree holder. Now I am getting good offer in ministry o... May 30, 2018 1 415 Category: Project Visa
Transferred From Company Visa To Project Visa Have No Problem In Reverting I have been working on a company visa for the last 15 years, currently I got good offer to work on oil and gas project. If I finish the project period, can I transfer my visa again to company visa? Wi... May 02, 2018 2 1991 Category: Project Visa
Transferring From Company Visa To Project Visa I am working on a govt project as an industrial nurse for the last 3 years. But I came to Kuwait on farm visa in 2012. After I completed one year I changed to normal shoon visa (company visa). Now I g... April 05, 2018 0 1307 Category: Project Visa
Release Of Project Visa I am employed on a project visa (government KOC project) for last 18 months. I would like to know, If i get job offer from another company in Kuwait and my current employers releases me, can i get the... February 18, 2018 0 994 Category: Project Visa
Transferring From Govt Project Visa To Private Company Visa With regard to the subject, I came to Kuwait under a govt project visa in 2012. I have transferred to another govt project under a different sponsor in 2016. Now I have gotten a new offer from a priva... February 05, 2018 0 2226 Category: Project Visa
Govt Project Visa Transferred To Main File, Can I Transfer Visa To Pvt Company My visa was a govt project for four years. When that project finished, my visa changed to the sponsor’s main file. Can I transfer my visa to another private company that is not a project? N... January 11, 2018 0 1344 Category: Project Visa
Transferring From A Private Project Visa To Another Company My company hired me as a Civil Engineer from India on August 2013 on a Government visa for a Government Project in Kuwait. This project was for 2 years and in 2015 August I was transferred to another ... December 25, 2017 0 1618 Category: Project Visa