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Move To Expedite Issuance Of Visit Visas The Ministry of State for Youth Affairs has agreed to link the sports federations, clubs and related institutions with the Directorate- General of Residence Affairs, an electronic link concerning the ... September 13, 2019 1 256 Category: Visit Visa
Age Limit Of Parents For Visit Visa I intend to invite my parents to Kuwait on visit visa for one month. I wish to know if there is still age limit restriction? My mom’s age is 65, can I take visit visa for her? Salary package is ... September 09, 2019 2 8732 Category: Visit Visa
How Many Times An Expat Can Take Visit Visa For Wife And Child In A Year? I earn a salary of KD 430 per month. I need to know how many times I can take visit visa for my wife and child in a year? Name withheld Answer: Under current rules and regulations, when a visit ... August 24, 2019 2 1315 Category: Visit Visa
Son Studying Out Of Kuwait – Can I Cancel His Residence And Bring On Visit Visa? My son is studying in India and under family visa. I bring him to Kuwait before the end of six months to keep his residency, Now he has joined a marine college in India and I won’t be able to br... August 13, 2019 0 321 Category: Visit Visa
Sponsoring Husband On Visit Visa I am Ethiopian and my salary is KD 250, can I bring my husband on visit visa and how many months can he stay in Kuwait? Name withheld Answer: Yes, you can invite your husband on visit visa with ... August 11, 2019 2 477 Category: Visit Visa
3 Months Visit Visa For Expats Wives And Children Only The MOI General Department of Residency issued a circular granting 3 months visit visa only for expats wives and children. The duration of the family visa for parents and siblings will be only 30 d... August 07, 2019 1 2528 Category: Visit Visa
How To Apply For Visit Visa Extension In Kuwait ? Many users requested us for the process of Visit Visa Extension, after speaking to few individuals we got info about the process, will try to explain as simple as possible, we don’t say this is ... July 17, 2019 1 8441 Category: Visit Visa
Validity Of Stay On Visit Visa For Wife I am an Indian and would like to bring my wife on visit visa. My salary is more than KD 1,000 per month. Under current rules, can my wife stay 90 days after entry in Kuwait without paying penalty afte... July 08, 2019 0 372 Category: Visit Visa
Transferring From Visit Visa To Dependent/Family Visa My query is: I brought my family (wife and son) in Kuwait. Wife has family visa and now she received Kuwait Civil ID as well. My son (4.5 years old) has visit visa because his passport validity is eig... July 07, 2019 1 8164 Category: Visit Visa
Visit Visa For Mother-in-Law And Sister My salary is KD300. Will it be possible to apply for a visit visa for my mother and sister? Name withheld No, you need a monthly salary of KD500 or more to be able to apply for visit visas for y... June 02, 2019 1 13653 Category: Visit Visa