Citizen Jailed 6 Months For Swindling
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The Misdemeanor Court sentenced a citizen to six months in prison for swindling a compatriot by claiming that he and his partner have the ability to clear the victim’s name from the blacklist of the Central Bank of Kuwait, while the partner was acquitted. Case files indicate the victim handed over to one of the accused a voucher with all his details but the amount was not specified. The voucher was signed as guarantee for a debt in favor of the two accused as per their agreement. The accused were supposed to pay the agreed amount to a company – lender of the victim, as well as obtain approval from the Central Bank to clear the victim’s name from the blacklist so he can get a loan from a bank and then pay debt of the accused in exchange for an undisclosed amount. However, the victim was surprised when a legal claim emerged as the amount on the signed voucher had been tempered with since the accused betrayed him by attaching the document to the lawsuit. The debt amount refl ected on the voucher was not what they agreed earlier. Attorney Abdulmohsen Al-Qattan, lawyer for the other accused (partner of the citizen), demanded for the acquittal of his client due to suspicions surrounding the allegations, in addition to the absence of incriminating evidence and inconclusive investigation results.



08 Nov, 2016 0 716
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