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As you all aware of the new rule the MOI stopped stamping residency stickers on passport, now your civil id will act as residency when you travel in and out of Kuwait.

Few weeks backs we got news that we can update our civil id Latin name online in PACI website at the time of visa renewal.

Few users complained that online process is not working for them, so everyone is confused about the process

We spoke to few users and Mandoop who have gone through the process.

1. First Online Process - In online process you can update your name at the time of visa renewal , if your visa is renwed before March 10th you will be having residency stamp ,so there is no need to update anything on Civil ID, Please check the article below for online process to update your name from PACI

How To Update Your Civil ID Name In PACI Website


2. If online process is not working then you can try any of the two process explained which was followed by few users

The Process is as follows

- Go to typing center and make one change form (tadeel bayanat) and visit Immigration office (jawazat)

- Carry original Passport, Original Civil id and copies

- If the changes are small like middle initial is added, they will do the changes according to the passport immediately,

- If the name variation is totally different then they may ask for fingerprints,

- If the validity of visa is less than 3 months , then they may ask you to go for renewal

Once your name is updated in Immigration Office, automatically it will be updated in PACI also

Visit PACI Website and follow the process, you follow for renewal  , Pay 5 KD online , Wait for few days and check the status of new card, once your card is ready you can go and collect.


3. One of the User who have done the name change as explained the process he had gone through , officer asked him to get the finger prints

Its not that simple...I just corrected my name...and beleive me its like hell, Go to typing centre and ask them to prepare 2 set of documents, 1 for embassy, and other for Jawazaat.

a. First u have to go to your respective embassy according to your nationality for getting a letter stating the name on passport and civil id is the same person.

b. Get the certificate attested by foreign affairs.

c. Go to Jawazaat and meet police officer and computer room, He will advise to type some documents for fingerprint process which u can get it done outside of jawazaat typing centres, then again with typed document go to the same police officer he will put stamp on it and ask u to go finger print office in mishref, after fingerprint is done in mishref, they will ask u to come after 3 days to collect the document. Once u collect it head directly again to Jawazaat.

d. In Jawazaat take number and attach this document with other set of documents which u typed earlier for jawazaat, they will verify all ur set of documents and give u another token number for final submission, when your number comes go to the counter and submit your documents, after submitting dont leave from Jawazaat untill u get the acknowledgement printout which u need in PACI without it Paci will not accept ur request and again send u back to jawazaat.

e. After taking printout in Jawazaat and confirming ur changes are done and they are correct, Head to PACI south surrah, attach passport copy, civil id copy and the printout copy from Jawazaat and take token number, once ur number come go inside and explain them, and recheck on the spot if they corrected, after confirmation simply pay 5.250 online to get ur civil id card this is how it works

I spent 40 KD in total for this all process...we have to suffer for their mistakes, roaming around the offices in different places. Finally done and my new civil id is ready...


We are just trying to help by sharing the inromation which was shared by users , so we are not stressing that this is the eact process to follow, you can always visit the office and ask for the process.

My Suggestion- First try online paci website , if thats not happening , Then first go to typing center and make one change form (tadeel bayanat) and visit Immigration office (jawazat), and follow what they say


If we miss anything or any mistake in the process let us know


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