Inspection Department Carried Out A Field Inspection At Nuwaiseeb Border Checkpoint
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Director General of Monitoring and Inspection Department at Ministry of Interior Major General Mohammad Ali Al-Enezi, accompanied by several officials from the ministry, carried out a field inspection at Nuwaiseeb border checkpoint to follow up the procedures of arrivals, the work mechanism and the services provided there. According to a press release issued by Ministry of Interior, the visit revealed cases of absenteeism among a number of employees.

Major General Al- Enezi submitted several recommendations to improve the fl ow of work. General Department of Public Relations and Media Security affirmed that the Monitoring and Inspection Department will continue its inspection campaigns on all departments of the ministry to ensure employees adhere to official working hours, all cases of absenteeism are recorded, and those who abstain from duty without a legitimate excuse will be dealt with based on the specified regulations.


31 Jan, 2017 0 1348
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