Kuwaiti Gets Life In Prison For Killing Egyptian
Category: Crime News
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The Criminal Court sentenced a Kuwait citizen to life imprisonment for intentionally killing an Egyptian in front of Rihab Complex in Hawally by running over him with his car. Case files indicate that the Public Prosecution charged the citizen with premeditated murder, attempted murder of other expatriates (Egyptians) and damaging the vehicles of two expatriates.

The ruling is in relation to the incident inside the complex several months ago, when the accused and the victim had an argument over the price of a Play Station game.

The argument escalated into physical confrontation which resulted in the death of the victim after the accused intentionally hit him with his car several times. It can be recalled that the citizen, together with his friends, returned to the complex and assaulted the victim along with some bystanders. When the victim went outside, the accused repeatedly ran over him with his car.



22 Jun, 2016 0 991