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The State Security Personnel Are Interrogating 12 Men Who Were Seized From A Mosque The State Security personnel are interrogating 12 men — Kuwaitis, Saudis and Egyptians — who were seized from a mosque in Al-Qadsiya area, reports Annahar daily. Police, security office... March 31, 2017 0 943 Category: Crime News
Fake Domestic Maids Office Busted Residency Affairs Department detectives arrested 6 Ethiopians on charges of running a bogus domestic helpers office and using it to trade in absconding domestic workers in Mahboula area , The MOI warn... March 30, 2017 0 646 Category: Crime News
2 Bangladeshi Men Were Arrested For Selling Forged Work Permits Two Bangladeshi men were arrested for forging work permits for money ,they were referred to concerned authorities   SOURCE : AYMANMAT ... March 30, 2017 0 2279 Category: Crime News
Maid Falls From 7th Floor In Subah Al-Salme Was Rushed To The Adan Hospital A maid was rushed to the Adan hospital with multiple fractures and bruises after falling from a window in 7th-floor apartment on a laundry parking in Subah Al-Salme area , investigators say she was ap... March 30, 2017 0 4583 Category: Crime News
MOE And Water Said That New Charges On Apartments Will Come Into Effect From Aug 22 The ministry of electricity and water said that the new power and water charges on apartments will come into effect from Aug 22. Three months earlier, the new rates become effective on the commercial ... March 30, 2017 0 1743 Category: Information
Recent Rain Exposed 50 Shells In Umm Naqqa Area The recent rain exposed 50 shells believed to be remnants from the Iraqi invasion in Umm Naqqa area. An Interior Ministry press release indicated a Kuwaiti citizen notified the Operations Room of t... March 30, 2017 0 1941 Category: Information
MOSA Revealed That The Salaries Of Indian Laborers Have Been Transferred To Their Bank Accounts Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Hind Al-Sabeeh revealed that the salaries of Indian laborers who are working for a company under contract with Ministry of Electricity and Water have been transfer... March 30, 2017 0 1356 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Has Decided To Postpone Enforcement Of The Selective Tax Regime Until Mid Year Kuwait has decided to postpone enforcement of the selective tax regime until the middle of the current year. It decided to postpone the policy without stating the reasons, although the Ministry of Fin... March 30, 2017 0 583 Category: Kuwait
Employers Urged To PAM To Check Number Of National Workers Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) on Tuesday appealed to employers who have contracts with government bodies to inspect number of national workers registered at their companies. The move aims to ... March 30, 2017 0 663 Category: Kuwait
Domestic Labor Market In Kuwait Is Bound To Face A Huge Crisis Owners of recruitment companies and domestic labor bureaus have warned that the domestic labor market in Kuwait is bound to face a huge crisis. They indicated that the cost of recruiting domestic w... March 30, 2017 0 1097 Category: Kuwait
MOH Affirmed The Decision To Increase The Charges Of Medical Services Offered To Expats Minister of Health Dr Jamal Al- Harbi affirmed that the decision to increase the charges of medical services offered to expatriates will be enforced, stressing that there is no intention to retract th... March 30, 2017 0 1798 Category: Kuwait
Procedure To Obtain Dependent Visa Can you advise what is the procedure to obtain dependent visa for my daughter aged 14 years who is in India. I meet the salary cap criteria. Name withheld Answer: You will need the followin... March 30, 2017 0 879 Category: Dependent Visa
Court Ordered A Couple To Pay KD 3,000 To Their Relative In Family Dispute Case The Civil Circuit of the Court of First Instance ordered a couple to pay KD 3,000 to a close female relative whom they had allegedly attacked verbally and physically during a family dispute. According... March 30, 2017 0 438 Category: Crime News
Court Sentenced A Police Detective To 1 Month Imprisonment For Detaining An Innocent Citizen The Misdemeanor Court sentenced a police detective stationed at Sulaibikhat Police Station to one-month imprisonment for detaining an innocent citizen and using force against him without leveling any ... March 30, 2017 0 378 Category: Crime News
Court Has Upheld The Right Of A Female Patient To Sue MOH For A Medical Error The Administrative Court has upheld the right of a female patient to sue Ministry of Health for a medical error represented by leaving behind a needle in the patient’s stomach. Lawyer Abdulaziz ... March 30, 2017 0 375 Category: Crime News
6 Officials Referred To Public Prosecution For Not Declaring Assets Public Authority for Anti Corruption has referred six officials who were obliged to declare assets to the Public Prosecution Department for failure to submit their asset declaration within the specifi... March 30, 2017 0 412 Category: Crime News
CID Have Arrested A Sri Lankan Sorcerer Personnel from the Criminal Investigations Department have arrested a Sri Lankan sorcerer, identified as S.A.B., and handed him over to the concerned authorities. Police investigations revealed the... March 30, 2017 0 1024 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Citizen Lodged A Complaint Against An Unknown Man For Molesting Son After Kidnapping Kuwaiti citizen lodged a complaint against an unknown man, accusing him of molesting his 15-year old son after kidnapping him and taking him to an open lot. According to security sources, the father t... March 30, 2017 0 408 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Woman Lodged A Complaint Against An Unknown Man Who Made Indecent Hand Gestures Towards Her A Kuwaiti woman lodged a complaint at Maidan Hawally Police Station against an unknown man who made indecent hand gestures towards her while she was in Shaab Marine area. According to the police re... March 30, 2017 0 711 Category: Crime News
Egyptian Expat In His 30s Died On The Spot When He Was Run Over By A Heavy Vehicle An Egyptian expatriate in his 30s died on the spot when he was run over by a heavy vehicle driven by a driver of the same nationality on Sulaibikhat Coastal Road. The driver ran away after the acciden... March 30, 2017 0 6732 Category: Crime News