MoH Urges The Concerned Bureaus To Continue Services Until July 27 2017
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In an attempt to impose pressure on Ministry of Health and provoke chaos to halt, if not stop, the course of reforms initiated by Minister of Health Dr Jamal Al-Harbi, public service companies withdrew their employees from health insurance bureaus after receiving notification of termination of their contract with the ministry last Thursday.

This move raised tension among expatriates, as they were not able to process their residency renewal transactions because of inability to acquire the mandatory health insurance policy required for that purpose.

However, ministry rectified its move and urged the concerned bureaus to continue issuing their services until July 27, 2017 as per the contract signed by the two parties.

In a press statement, Ministry of Health said, “The minister addressed the concerned companies after they withdrew their services last week. He requested them to continue work as per the contract, which is effective until July 27, 2017.”

It explained that the minister notified the companies concerning the ministry’s unwillingness to renew their contracts after they expire, and that the ministry has that right as per Article No. 2 of the contract, which allows the concerned parties to declare their intention concerning the renewal at least six months before the date of expiry.

The ministry said, “The aim of this move by the minister was to take all necessary measures to avoid repetition of observations pointed out by the State Audit Bureau, and the need to provide the service of health insurance policy in a public bid. Based on that, concerned companies were informed about the termination of contract as per agreed timeline of six months.”

The decision by the companies, which provide health insurance policies, raised contention among the expatriates, who last week were surprised when they were unable to purchase health insurance policies which is necessary for the renewal of their residence permits at the concerned immigration department.



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