MP Omar Al-Tabtabaei Warns Against Philippine Embassy Passport Retention
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MP Omar Al-Tabtabaei said the government should resign if it cannot manage Al-Durra Company for the Recruitment and Employment of Domestic Workers. He called on the Ministry of Interior to carry out its responsibilities such as monitoring domestic labor offices and withdrawing the licenses of some offices suspected of laundering money.

He also warned the Foreign Affairs Ministry against “complying with the demands of its Philippine counterpart to keep the passports of Filipino workers at their embassy because this is a dangerous step.” He stressed the need to include a stipulation in the employment contract to prohibit domestic workers from traveling without the sponsors’ permission.


He criticized the union of domestic labor offices as it allegedly monopolizes the contracts of expatriate workers, especially the Indians. He said the union is controlled by one Kuwaiti family, since its members are from the same family.

He added some influential persons in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are requiring expatriate workers to undergo medical tests in their laboratories where the fee is very high, disclosing the fee increased from KD 15 to KD 120. A citizen who wants to hire a domestic worker shoulders this fee, he stressed.



13 Mar, 2018 0 2116
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