Patients Have Right To Go For Another Checkup If Initial Request Is Rejected
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The ministry stressed that patients are given more than one chance with the technical committee, indicating patients have the right to go for another checkup even if the initial request is rejected, because the supreme committee may have a different opinion.

Report indicated reservations on the part of some health offices that rejected advance payments since the process prevents supervision and audit of hospital receipts and impedes financial monitoring. It stressed the importance of limiting dealings with the hospitals that accept financial guarantee and avoid hospitals that require advance payment.

In response, Ministry of Health said the technical committee has considered the recommendations of the medical offices taking into account the quality of medical services offered to patients to facilitate their recover.

It suggested the development of an integrated automatic system connecting different directorates of the Health Ministry with the adoption of TPP system that connects concerned directorates with the Overseas Treatment Directorate and other health offices abroad, indicating the ministry is waiting for response of the Ministry of Finance and approval of necessary budget for that purpose.




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