Suad Abdulwahab Said Current Building Of The College Is Facilitating The Needs Of The Students
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Dean of the College of Arts at Kuwait University Prof. Suad Abdulwahab affirmed that the current building of the college is facilitating the needs of the students until the college moves to its new location in Shaddadiya, reports Al-Anba daily. She indicated that pace of work in the new location is fast, and that some parts of the building have been completed in the new image.

In an interview, Prof Abdulwahab said the college has and continues to strive towards developing its future plans and projects in accordance with a well-studied strategy and plan. She revealed that the college has developed its higher education program in the doctorate field, and has accomplished the development of the doctorate program in history, adding that registration will kick off in December this year. However, she stressed that the pursuit for development is not limited to that, as the college has developed a master’s program in translation for its English department and it will soon come into effect, along with a doctorate program in the Arabic language.

Prof Abdulwahab explained that the development schemes, which have been achieved, include the updated version of the graduation transcript for some departments in the college such as the French department, and the majors and new subjects in French, given that the department has about 300 students.

Regarding the recent negative statements concerning the scholarship program in the college in terms of the involvement of wasta, favoritism and nepotism, Prof Abdulwahab denounced these statements and described them as untrue. It is worth mentioning that 630 students graduated from various departments in the college last year. This indicates the ability of the college to facilitate for their needs. There are currently 3,800 students of both genders enrolled in the college.



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