Validity Of Residence For Family - Currently On 3 Months Temporary Residence
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My wife and two kids have valid family residency till May 2017 and now they are in their home country on vacations. They will return to Kuwait in September.

Now I’m on a 3-month temporary residence and it is going to expire on July 20, 2016. My company is going to stamp the permanent residence for me next week. In case my company stamps my residency after July 20, 2016 (by paying the penalty) will it cause problems for my family members residency? Will my family face problems while entering in Kuwait in September?

Name withheld

Answer: Please remember that as long as your residence is not cancelled, the residence of your family will not be affected but as soon as your residence is cancelled so will — according to the new law which went into effect at the start of this year — that of your family.

So, we would like to advise you to ensure that you are not “illegal” in the country for any reason. Otherwise your family could face problems on re-entering the country.



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